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Julie Wassmer was born in the East End of London, studied at Kingston University and had a variety of different jobs before she finally settled down to become a professional television drama writer.

She worked on several TV series, including ITV’s London’s Burning, C5’s Family Affairs and the popular BBC soap, EastEnders, which she wrote for almost 20 years.

In 2010, her memoir More Than Just Coincidence was published by Harper Collins/True. The book entered the Sunday Times Best Selling Non Fiction Top Twenty and went on to become Mumsnet Book of the Year.

In 2015, Julie’s debut crime novel, The Whitstable Pearl Mystery, was published by award-winning publisher, Little, Brown Book Group. Eight other books have since followed, with more on the way, and in 2021, the books were produced for TV by production company, Buccaneer, as the series, Whitstable Pearl, with a second season following in 2022. Both seasons are now streaming on Acorn TV and the DVD for season 1 is now available.

Whitstable Pearl, starring Kerry Godliman as Pearl, Howard Charles as McGuire and Frances Barber as Dolly, has proved popular across the world and some of Julie’s books in this series have now been published in Germany, Italy and Japan.

Julie moved to Whitstable over twenty years ago where she shares a home with her husband, Kas, and two cats, Lily and Maisie. She also spends a great deal of time campaigning on environmental issues.

Acorn TV Commissions Third Season of Whitstable Pearl starring Kerry Godliman

Whitstable Pearl – From Page to Screen. A 30-minute documentary feature about the making of the TV series, Whitstable Pearl, in Whitstable.

The Whitstable Pearl Mystery Books

A classic crime series, set in Whitstable, featuring private detective Pearl Nolan


The Whitstable Pearl Mystery

An intriguing debut mystery novel combining seafood, murder and a multitasking heroine in a gorgeous seaside location!.



Murder on Sea

The second novel in the Pearl Nolan trilogy, with a Christmas twist..



May Day Murder

The third novel in the Pearl Nolan trilogy, centered around the May Day festivities in Whitstable.



Murder on the Pilgrims Way

The fourth novel in the Pearl Nolan series.



Disappearance at Oare

The fifth novel in the Pearl Nolan, Whitstable Pearl Mysteries, series



Murder Fest

The sixth novel in the Pearl Nolan, Whitstable Pearl Mysteries, series



Murder on the Downs

The seventh novel in the Pearl Nolan, Whitstable Pearl Mysteries, series



Strictly Murder

The eighth novel in the Pearl Nolan, Whitstable Pearl Mysteries, series



Murder at Mount Ephraim

The ninth novel in the Pearl Nolan, Whitstable Pearl Mysteries, series



Murder at the Allotment

The tenth novel in the Pearl Nolan, Whitstable Pearl Mysteries, series

Out MAY 14th 2024



Whitstable Pearl TV Series 1 DVD


Whitstable Pearl TV Series 2 DVD



More than just Coincidence

At the age of 36, struggling writer, Julie Wassmer was about to have her first ever meeting with a literary agent. Little did Julie know how momentous this meeting was set to be.

Twenty years earlier, when Julie was just sixteen, she had become pregnant. Worried how her parents would react, Julie had kept her pregnancy a secret right up until the day she gave birth. Ten days later, she’d been forced to make the hardest decision of her life: to give her baby up for adoption.

As the years passed, Julie often wondered what had happened to her daughter. Now, through the most extra-ordinary of co-incidences, Julie was about to find out. A temporary secretary called Sara had just started working in the agents’ office. Sara had recently discovered that she had been adopted, and had just got hold of her birth certificate. According to the certificate, her mother’s name was Julie Wassmer.


Book Reviews

While Oxford had Morse, Whitstable, famous for its oysters, has Pearl . . . True to the tradition of classic crime, Julie Wassmer weaves a strong story into a setting that has more to offer than murder and mayhem

Daily Mail

If you enjoy cosy crime fiction and you still haven’t picked this series, then you are missing out

Alba in Bookland

This is just straightforwardly excellent cosy crime … Julie Wassmer really knows how to tell a story

Victoria Best

Shiny New Books

If you enjoy cosy mystery stories and good, solid whodunits, without gruesome details or gratuitous violence, Murder on Sea may be just your cup of tea

Bec Stafford

If you like the TV series ‘Midsomer Murders’, then May Day Murder should be right up your alley

The Crime Warp

A tried-and-tested crime recipe with Whitstable flavours that makes for a Michelin-starred read

Daily Mail

More book reviews are available under titles.

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